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I have nothing but music to share with people. Those promotional tool are not what we need, as humans, to give value to the only thing that makes life valuable to my eyes, ART.

Preciousness is in rarity, isn't it?

I used those tools, wrongly persuaded that they would help me to spread the music, the messages and the art to more people. It is not true.

The algorithm decides. I know it and you know it. And it's not gonna get any better.

I value my privacy as much as I value the honesty of each one of my song. That's why the only thi
ng I want to share is my music, and that should be plenty.

You can keep being posted with my last creations by subscribing to the newsletter below. Thank you for that support that gives me daily fuel to do what I do.

Never stop looking for art and take good care of yourself."

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